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Prophecy Posters





This is the first drawing I completed for a set of prophecy posters. I had this drawing in progress before the brief was announced, so I was pretty much focusing all my time on getting this done throughout most of the time we had to complete the posters by, so I didn’t really think of what the posters could be used for, exactly. But now I have come to think of them as posters for made up films.

I like to think of Utopia as a black-comedy with social commentary underpinnings. Originally this poster expresses a cringing sharp feeling inside when I hear somebody mention ideas of grandeur about a Utopia or a perfect world. It’s something I’ll never understand. There’s a lot of things this poster could be, but is it really worth the effort? I’m not too into it. I feel like these ideas expressed here should be sufficient for the brief.



“Shit Film Discount #1 The Daily Paranoia”

I started drawing out this ridiculously bad face, it looked like a Bobby, and as I drew the face out I imagined an old american, deep male narrators voice saying “Bobby always had that killer smile…” over a shot of Bobby’s ugly face in a high school prom photo or something. I realized this is something that would be seen in a cheesy, poorly produced film. The type that’s so bad but you can’t help but watch it because it’s so funny. This prophecy poster predicts that there will be a new label associated to these types of films, something along the lines of A SHIT FILM DISCOUNT! sticker on the cover of the dvd or vhs.



‘Shit Film Discount #2 Cry Hard 8’

OOH WHATS THAT? A DOUBLE PROPHECY? Shit film discount label PLUS the coming of Bruce Willis’ last Die Hard, Cry Hard 8. Where Bruce Willis is an old crone getting shit done. This one was fun because it was a big release for my hatred of these films, with the sarcastic captions.

I still have yet to reproduce these via screen print.










City – Petcha Kucha Presentation

image source: https://www.facebook.com/judex.franju/media_set?set=a.462574260461874.120739.100001279120295&type=3

1. My vision for this project is to draw large scale, a creature, being or entity of some kind that represents life within a big city, the surroundings and man’s relationship to them.

image source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow’s_hierarchy_of_needs

2. I want to illustrate two opposites of general well-being by drawing people either triumphantly riding the creature, or being puzzled and affected negatively by the creature.

image source: http://hancaquam.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/dont-wait-love-now.html

3. I had the idea of drawing the ones negatively affected at the bottom of the creature and the ones riding it at the top, which would suggest a heaven and hell complex. I started to question this notion and apply it to real life.

image source: a photograph I took in Berlin.

4. Nobody is perfect, and I don’t believe that people are so black and white. I don’t want to express a division between people in a make believe hierarchy. We are all different but very much the same.

image source: http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/olympics/2008-08/18/content_6946377_3.htm

5. I want to show the people riding the city, who may have a better quality of life than those being negatively affected, are in no way “better” than them. I began to criticize the role I’m giving to these riders. They are driven by fulfilment, they aren’t heading in any direction, are they in control of this creature or is it controlling them? Maybe they aren’t riding it at all. instead they are clinging on to it with senses of comfort and control as they strive to maintain their position, whilst the very thing they are protecting is dying. It is for nobody to say what dying is like, except that dying is the same as living. life is a dying process, one day you will be dead.