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An Inspiring look round the Wells Hotel

A couple weeks ago I heard that my friend Steve from back home in Suffolk was coming to Cardiff to perform at St David’s Hall with a theatre group putting on a ‘Dinosaur Zoo’ show with large life like puppets, he got me in for free and I did some sketches, for fun.


After the show I met up with Steve for a coffee, which is how I met Crav, a liberation activist (Food-Not bombs, people before profit, and probably a load more)  and one of the folk who runs the Wells Hotel in riverside, where Steve was staying. We got talking about couch surfing, street art, and how one of colour doomed’s early paintings was done in the Wells’ courtyard, and how I could come paint there sometime, as well as a zine that crav self publishes called “FUCK OFF FACEBOOK”.

It’s thing’s like this that really make me appreciate Cardiff, because it’s a “little big” city, it’s not the biggest city but there’s a lot of great things happening in the art scene (the side of which I best fit into, anyway…), and people within the scene are more than likely connected. After Steve had left, Crav took me to the Wells. 


As soon as I entered it felt like a totally different world, there was art, stickers and stencils on literally everything, including the bath tub. I wish I snapped more pictures but I didn’t want to come across as annoying.

In one of the rooms Crav pulled these amazing woodcut prints, the artist’s name escapes me right now but I will find out soon enough.


This was a really cool and spontaneous experience, I was touched by Crav’s enthusiasm for art and what he believes in, putting people first and doing stuff to put things right through activism.












EKSTRATERNEK / JO¥ / COLOUR DOOMED – Collaborative Wall Painting





Probably the coolest art experience i’ve had since living in Cardiff. Disaster struck at the beginning with a massive tub of white paint exploding in the back of my friend Si’s car, but we pulled through and managed to get this beauty done in 2 days. Great friends, great weekend!