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Field – Power and Technology – Recording process for mock up idea and presenting our idea

Our group is preparing for the presentation of our idea, as I am known to use audio as a medium my job was to create the sound piece for our mock up, to demonstrate the self generated noise overload that a participant would experience when persevering our installation.

The process for creating these sounds was simple, if not a bit crude… I hooked my phone up to a delay pedal with the output plugged into my laptop, I then played a 5 minute recording from my phone. The sounds from the phone and pedal would be heard from a digital amplification software (guitar rig 3) and recorded through audacity, setting the speakers from my laptop as the microphone itself. This is how I record most of my audio work to .MP3.


The original recording used is a 5 minute audio capture of myself walking through Cardiff city centre. The latter of the sound consists of footsteps and background chatter.

the outcome

The presentation went very well, I spoke about what I had written here, mostly. Our group used pictures and some videos of the things we researched to remind us about some of the things we were thinking about during the brainstorming process, to communicate our idea.


Laura’s┬ámock up of the installation.



Jadene’s sound proofing mock up