Where I’m At for the City/field individual project




The head used for this piece is from my original drawing that was going to be accountable for the whole of my individual work (along with the sound work). It was a winged head with human genitalia forming out it’s sides, which were ejaculating buildings ans cash flow. It’s eyes have string like texture coming out of them that was forming a screaming mouth over the top of it’s head, instead of actual pupils and retina. A cloud formed out from the mouth which had more buildings coming out of it. The buildings represented the city, and that the words and concept of a city that is familiar, we have adapted to. It may be impossible to unlearn such a habitual mindset.  The open eyes (that were used in the picture below) were drawn onto the wings, which represents the movement of a parasitic and delusional being, the sight from the eyes is what powers the wings, like a chasing hunger, furiously searching for the next big urban development, unaware of any fault and missing out the tiny details. The concept is highly exaggerated, bold and a bit far out and I think the pieces gives that kind of feel, which is intentional because it creates interesting aesthetics. Having cut out the head and stuck it onto a torso, eliminating all the buildings, gives way to a new concept, which added alot of worry and an element of panic to the work. This adds to the aesthetic also.





I can say that these collages embrace the element of panic and fear that I faced when trying to come up with a concept for a city, which also reflect exaggerated states of being whilst inside a city. The people are shown as viscous and horrifying creatures, which reflects my views of humanity in general. And where are humans found most? In a city of course. City’s are like little human hives, except to a person they are big.

For most of the images I can add text, one of my plans that I never got round to was to capture field recordings of people around the city and draw from them, I could easily quote snippets of people talking in Cardiff that I find particularly interesting, or scary. I would like record someone saying something equally as disgusting as the images, or something that i can feed into the image to become relevant.















Something also needs to be added to show that the influence is from people within a city. For this I could photocopy a map of Cardiff, and draw, collage over the top of it, in the spots that I picked up the (hypothetical) field recordings from.



Alongside some large scale mixed media work, I also experimented with sound to illustrate some of my views of people within a city, it is not quite a social commentary but more of an anti-social social commentary whilst also making fun of people.

The album is on bandcamp and can be found by clicking here

The tracks were composed using samples from videos, field recordings around cardiff, instruments such as guitar, keyboard and effects pedals.




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