PDP – Subject and Constellation reflection

I have found my first yearly experience of subject and student life in general, to be a bit of a wake up call. The first few weeks of the course I was a bit cocky and I thought I would just repeat what I would normally do everyday before I came to university, and not pay too much attention to what the tutors had to say. Thinking the immense detail of my drawings would be enough to impress people and take me places. However as the classes went on, the more my strengths and weaknesses became more apparent.

One of the strengths I have gained through subject, is that my confidence has grown to become very experimental and more playful with my drawings, not only with techniques but with conceptual ideas and narratives as well, which has provided a gate way to express the humorous side of my self. Primarily, my work at the moment is focused around and within drawings with partial dabblings in sound designing, but as of recently I have ventured into the world of street art and wall painting. I feel like I have something unique and interesting to bring to the street art world. Venturing into this new territory, it is important to remember my responsibility as an illustrator, which has been an important lesson learnt within the subject modules as well as the feedback sessions from one to one tutorials and group crits. I am trying to move away from the self absorbed, random high school teenager doodle style that I am most known for and aiming towards creating work with more substance, with humour and more feeling, as opposed to pretending to be this machine who can pump out meticulous works, for the sake of wowing or shocking people. Although my drawings that are known for that have edged me into the blossoming underground art scene in Cardiff (Modern Alchemists, Straight up Lines, etc) I want to be able to take what I have learnt and utilize it to make my output as fresh as possible. It’s an incredibly exciting period of my life, that I wouldn’t of been able to reach if it wasnt for university.

I also seem to have a bit of a problem tackling some of the briefs. I find it hard to juggle personal projects alongside them, so I often at times end up trying to attempt to integrate my personal work into the briefs. This can be challenging. I hate having to lie, but sometimes I feel like I have to in order to reach a deadline due to my personal work being a lengthy process. In my mind the pieces that end up becoming integrated make the conceptual essence rather forced and pretentious. I aim to plain ahead and meditate on things before embarking on lengthly creative expression, be it what ever medium…

My sonic arts seminars within the Constellation module have also provided alot of insight towards my sound practitions. I am becoming more knowledgable of the history behind experimental sound composition, noise and ambient fields, and taking influence from the some of the main figures mentioned in lectures, for instance Stockhausen’s cutting and paste compositional methods which I am utilizing within my own work, which is becoming rather obsessive, alot like drawing but I have yet to integrate the two cohesivley. I aim to do this by practicing animation (probably cut out) for future briefs and projects. Overall I feel like I am getting to that point where I am in an abundance of ideas, but to get to certain points I want to finish what I have started to reach an equilibrium.


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